Mongo Energy - Simple yet Powerful Python MongoDB Library and ODM

Mnj (Mongo Energy) is a Python library for working with MongoDB in the most pythonic way possible.

Mnj consits of the three main layers:

  • Python based DSL on top of the PyMongo-like syntax.
  • Custom DSL operators implementing additional features which cover MongoDB best practices.
  • ODM (Object Document Mapping) framework that defines document schema and provides a high level abstraction for the Mnj features.

Mnj is licensed under Simplified BSD License.

Mnj DSL is handy

books = col.find(q(
    author=regex_('Gibson', re.IGNORECASE),

Mnj DSL can be used with any Python MongoDB driver if it is PyMongo compatible, including Motor and txmongo.

Still not convinced?☺ See Examples.

Get Mnj


pip install mnj


Any contributions are always welcome! See How to contribute.